Saturday, September 10, 2011

Android Applications by Ron

Android application development is a hobby for me.  When Android first came to the market I was very excited that the framework would include open source projects and a Java platform.  My first application was never placed on the market but used as a learning experience to allow me to fight through making various activities function on the Emulator.  It was a great experience and from then I was hooked on the concept and searching for potential projects.
My "full time" day job consists of application development and application support for a very intense system that uses a variety of technologies, such as IBM System I, running DB2 and RPGLE to Linux servers using JBoss server, Jboss open-source framework for Web interface and web services.
My Application development philosophy is simple and agile as follows:
  • Gather Customers requirements, site URL's and graphical images
  • Generate Mocked-up application layout
  • Review layout with customer
    • Establish priorities of features to release schedule
  • Develop Beta version
    • Review Beta with customer and field test
  • Publish first version
    • Gather feedback
    • Start on next version
    • Schedule next release date
  • Publish next version
  • Continue development of all features
Please feel free to contact me regarding Android, Java or even RPGLE development, I would love to discuss these technologies with your or help you with your projects.

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