Saturday, September 10, 2011

Teacup Lake Nordic Snow Park Application

The Teacup Lake Snow Park located near Hood River Oregon, is a US Forest Service park with year around use, such as, hiking, biking, skiing and snow shoeing, to name a few.  The area features 20 km of groomed back country trails for both classic and skate skiing.  The Teacup Lake Nordic Club grooms the trails three days per week from December 1 through March 31 as well as maintaining the facilities, organizing cross country races and events.
The Teacup Lake Nordic Application was designed to provide accurate up-to-date information to the park users which would allow them to make decisions about where and when to use the park, determine distances or conditions of trails, current weather, detailed trail terrain map and Google map locations.
The application is available on the Android Market.


Features of version 1 are as follows:
Version 1.0
  • Tab layout with five tabs
  • Twitter Tab
    • Content for this tab is obtained from the Teacup Nordic twitter page and is updated daily with trail conditions, grooming schedule and other trail conditions
  • Weather Tab
    • This tab contains three weather pages updated by various groups around the vicinity of the snow park
      • Bennett Pass/Mt Hood Meadows weather station
      • Government Pass weather station
      • Blue Box Pass weather station
  • Weather Forecast Tap
    • This tab contains four weather forecast stattions that you can view
      • NOAA Weather forecast for Teacup lake
      • Government Camp Free air freezing levels
      • 6-day Mt, Hood Meadows forecast
      • 6-day Cooper Spur forecast
  • Trail Map Tab
    • Trail image from Teacup Lake Nordic club maps showing the trails, shelters and boundaries
  • Google Map Tab
    • Google map with markers showing locations of parking lot and shelters
  • Preference Menu
    • Google Maps options
      • Zoom preference
      • View preference
        • Traffic
        • Street
        • Satellite
    • Weather station preference
    • Forecast station preference
Tab Examples:


 Weather tab
 Forecast Tab
 trail Map tab
 Google Map tab

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