Saturday, September 10, 2011

Meissner Snow Park Application

The Virginia Meissner Snow Park located outside of Bend, Oregon, is a US Forest Service park with year around use, such as, hiking, biking, skiing and snow shoeing, to name a few.   The area features 40 km of trails, stunning views and a variety of terrain for both classic and skate skiing.  The Meissner Nordic Club , a chapter of Oregon Nordic Club, grooms the trails four days per week from December 1 through March 31 as well as sponsoring various ski related activities at the facility.
The Meissner Application was designed to provide accurate up-to-date information to the users which would allow them to make decisions about where and when to use the park, determine distances or conditions of trails, current weather, detailed trail terrain map and Google map locations.
The application was made possible with the assistance of the following individuals:
  • Kevin English - Director of Communications for TCL/Meissner Nordic - User Requirements and Design
  • Mike Ross - Tumalo Graphics - Graphics
  • TLC Meissner Membership - Beta Testers
  • Sarah Brosier - Functional Testing
The application is available on the Android Market.   


Detailed user manual available here.

Features of version 1.9 are as follows:
Version 1.9
  • Tab layout with 5 tabs
  • Conditions Tab
    • Content for this tab is obtained from the Meissner Nordic web site and is updated daily with trail conditions, grooming schedule and other trail conditions
  • Weather Tab
    • This tab contains three weather pages updated by various groups around the vicinity of the snow park
      • Wanoga Butte automated weather station
      • US97 Lava Butte (assist travelers)
      • National weather service for this location
  • Trail Map Tab
    • Trail image from US Forest service maps showing the trails, shelters and boundaries
  • Trail List Tab
    • List of the trails including mileage and level of difficulty
    • Detail map section, when trail is pressed
  • Google Map Tab
    • Google map with markers showing locations of parking lot and shelters
  • Preferences Menu
    • Provide defaults for various tabs
      • Maps Tab
      • Weather Tab
Tab Examples:



Trail List:

Trail Detail:

Trail Map:


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